So.Cal based traditional artist, designer and graphic artist with expansive experience in many fields of design. First hand experience using different assortments of mediums, ranging from traditional hand illustration techniques and graphic instruments to creating digital art, illustrations, and layouts using modern methods of design. Over 10 solid years of experience working in the design field for top fashion labels, as well as independent labels, developing conceptual images to full season launches. Unquestionably a self-starter that knows how to initiate projects to completion in fast-paced, deadline intensive environments.


Art Institute Los Angeles

Santa Monica, California

BS Graphic Design

200- 2003

Client List Includes but not limited to-

Asics America FANG Fashion Pop Icon Disney Harley Davidson Snoop Dogg


Developing and establishing visual identity Trend research and development of clothing lines Current with all Mens Street Couture, Lifestyle trends, and Mass Market Establishing presence in youth and high – end trend affiliated markets Art development for creative licenses 14 years graphics and illustration experience 5 years experience in silkscreen printing Intermediate in color separation methods for screenprinting 11 years experience working with offset layouts and digital media Design team and production art management experience


Mac & PC Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator Drawing, Oil/Acrylic/Fabric Painting Basic Color Seps Spec Sheet Design Customer Service Data Entry Shipping & Receiving Inventory


Freelance 1998 – Present I freelance for various companies on an independent scale as well as large companies. As a freelance designer, I specialize in all things design; murals, logo work, photography, photo retouch, image manipulation, cover art, invites, t shirt design, painter, color separator, etc.

Asics America

Contract Apparel Designer October 2012 – Mar 2013 I was brought onto the team at Asics to initiate and continue the momentum of their men and women apparel division. I developed designs for Mens and Womenʼs cut & sew items as well as marathon design (ie. Boston, New York, & Pittsburgh).Asics is a reputable Mens and Womenʼs shoe and apparel label, geared towards athletes and the better end consumer. A lot of treatments were put into the development of the line, from multicolor allover belt printing, afterprinting, rhinestones, embroidery, laser cut appliqués, etc.. on tees. I also covered all cut and sew pieces for a backpack for Spring 2014, maintaining tight communication with various vendors. I was responsible for all the t-shirt graphic functions of Asics.


Contract Designer July 2012 – September 2012 FANG is a parent company to many juniors and new menʼs fashion labels. I worked as a creative designer as well as production artist for numerous accounts directed towards stores like Target, Federated, Sears, Zumies, etc. My duties consisted of creating concepts and graphics for our sales team to deliver to our store buyers. I drove the art direction for our designer brand and coordinated with the fashion designer to deliver new seasonal collections for T-shirts, also including development for Fangʼs junior market.

4 Season Garment

Creative Director/Customer Service August 2007 – July 2011 4 Season Garment was a silk screen company. I primarily worked as the creative lead on all new accounts, overseeing various aspect of design, color separations and seasonal concepts for fashion label clientele that include but not limited to; Pop Icon, Crooks and Castle, and Johnny Cupcakes. I also worked on color separations for various companies, as well create all designs for Freesys, the sub company of 4 Season Garment. I came up with all design concepts, color choice, garment embellishments, and choice of inks.

Screen Passion

Graphic Design February 2006 – April 2007 Screen Passion was a Silk Screen Company who’s clientele consisted of but not limited to, Disney, Harley Davidson, EOEO, JC Penny, etc. I was on the design team, where my duties included, color separation,and art design (with direction from various companies)

American Bath Factory

Designer/Customer Service/Inventory/Shipping & Recieving April 2004 – July 2004 I had a long list of duties within this company. I did a lot of brochure and catalog design, customer service, shipping & receiving, stocking, copy making, inventory. One of my first jobs in the design field, so I was used in any capacity that I could to help the company overall. American Bath Factory has been America’s first choice for Old World, Vintage and Retro bath products. Our vision is to make high quality bathtubs, faucets, shower systems, and furniture pieces that are easy to install and enjoyable to use. Our pursuit of that vision has helped us to create a line of elegant and innovative bath products that perform as beautifully as they look, and a long list of satisfied customers.

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