Square Academy Summer School: As the weather gets better it’s time to showcase the “gun show”. We here @ Square Academy have made it a point to go out and enjoy the town a and gather images and functions for are blog. With the new line and brand new staff, it’s important that we rub shoulders and have a good time with those that have supported us over the years. Square Academy friends, family, and strangers to our movement will be in for a great summer as well as new items to choose from from our growing catalog.Please be on the look out for Spring and Summer drops, as we have plans to get out a bit more and enjoy the backdrops of the upcoming seasons, and of course we’ll share as much of the footage with you as possible. We are also looking for models of all ages, race, sex, and size! To be a part of our online catalog, please inquire and send your information along with a picture of yourself to: and we will go from there.

Summer School, Square Academy is back, with giveaways, and a new blog! stay tuned…

Reminder We are looking for:
-Men, Women, Kids. All sizes, race, age, sex, are welcome .No professional experience necessary.